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Industries we serve

As industries rapidly change, we help our clients navigate these shifts and give them the tools needed to survive and thrive. Our team of specialists use their first-hand industry experience to develop innovative and pragmatic solutions for our clients. The Industries we serve are:



  • We understand the trends affecting this sector, including globalization, consolidation, and changes to the supply and distribution channels
  • We have served companies across the spectrum, and understand the importance of supplier and customer relationships, the adoption of new technologies, and the evolving business models that are essential for success


We offer a range of services to address their most pressing business problems, from corporate strategy to risk management to operational improvement. Some of our services are:

  • Growth strategies
  • Acquisition screening and deal support
  • Exit strategies,Value-based management

Real Estate

  • We seek to acquire quality office, industrial, multi-family, retail and hotel properties
  • We then improve the properties through hands-on management and target value-add initiatives
  • We also have  knowledge a full array of property manager services, including tenant/landlord services, property maintenance services and payments & record keeping services


Luxury & Entertainment

The industry historically has benefited from rapid growth and high margins allowing small and medium sized competitive brands to rapidly establish an international sales base, and offering a wealth of opportunities for mergers and acquisitions.

  • We focus on growth-based businesses within the industry, which has the potential to develop into a global brand
  • Our objective is to build extraordinary companies that will shape the future of the industry and will create attractive returns for our investors
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